Michael was born in Lagos, Nigeria and now lives in Ireland. His Journey across the African Continent and on to Europe, inspired his Award Winning Flavour Safari® sauces… Not only do they bring you a unique taste experience like no other, but they tell a story of a Flavour journey across two continents and the result is a Beautiful Range of Delicious Full Flavoured Sauces showcasing a fusion of some of the Freshest Irish Ingredients and the finest of African Spices. Food has always been a fundamental part of Family life for Michael, as he grew up surrounded by a variety of Foods and Spices and Cooking and Eating as a Family was always a number one priority for The Onalimi’s as they always believed in the Old African Proverb… “That the Family that eats together… Stays Together!”.

Take your palette on a Unique Taste Experience, to places you can only imagine with Flavour Safari® Sauces… Flavours Untamed®!

“Food has always been a great passion of mine! Cooking and blending Spices is something that I have always loved from an early age. I grew up surrounded by a wide variety of Herbs & Spices as my mother owns a small food store in a busy market back home in Lagos. I wanted to share my passion for food and create a new taste experience and that’s how Flavour Safari ® Sauces were born…

The Irish Palate is changing.

People demand new flavours, they’ve travelled around the world and tried new foods and now they want those things here… African Food is a thing of beauty and something close to my heart, and the dishes and ingredients I discovered at a young age such as yams, cassava, plantains, coconut, chillies, lemongrass, bitter leaf, okra, uziza etc. are becoming more and more common on European menus.

My aim is to introduce Ireland and indeed Europe, to the richness of African culture and in doing so, inspire others to share their heritage and use their love of food to awaken the foodie within all of us.”

Michael Onalimi