A Zesty blend of Fresh Spinach, Garlic, Mushrooms & Herbs with the natural nutty flavour of Pure Rapeseed Oil. The perfect alternative to traditional Pesto’s as it contains No Nuts*, No Cheese*, No Basil. Delicious Garden Freshness with Natural Heat…
A Flavour Safari, blended beautifully for you to Enjoy! *Recipe: No Nuts & No Cheese used. Cannot Guarantee Nut Free or Dairy Free.
Suggested Uses
Use to flavour your favourite Pasta. Create fantastic flavoured Garlic Potatoes. Make your own Dips & Delicious Garlic Mayonnaise. Add a savoury touch to Waffles, Pancakes or Omelettes. Why not add to Dough for amazing flavoured Bread or use as a Pizza Base Topping. Try adding to Butter to create your own delicious Garlic Butter…The possibilities are endless! Flavour Safari Pesto can also be used as a marinade for all types of Meat, Poultry, Fish or Seafood. Rub into your chosen Meat/Poultry/Fish and leave to marinate. Perfect for all your Barbecues, Dinner Parties or Home Cooking!